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Hetton Lyons Nursery School, Four Lane Ends,

Hetton Le Hole, Tyne and Wear, DH5 0AH

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At Hetton Lyons Nursery School, we believe that all children learn best when they are content, curious and confident.



About the Nursery

At Hetton Lyons Nursery School we are passionate about learning. As a team, we are commited to providing the very best for the children in our care, their families and the wider community. We aim to provide an inspiring environment and foster strong relationships to allow confidence and learning to flourish for all.


From our youngest children to the oldest, we provide children with the opportunities to share experiences, to talk and communicate with each other and for them to see staff and parents building strong relationships.


Young children learn best when they are discovering things for themselves, often through their play. Staff observe the children while they are playing, record what the children are learning and use this information to provide exciting and challenging experiences that allow the children to explore their ideas further.


We feel that the environment that we provide, can inspire children to learn new things and practice their skills. Our outdoor environment plays a vital role in our children's learning and development and its value is as equal as the indoor environment. Our outdoor provides countless opportunities to develop all areas of learning in a way that young children learn best by being active and hands on.


Children’s everyday experiences of their own culture and community are valued and used as learning opportunities and extended by staff’s knowledge and creativity.


We provide high quality care and education with well trained staff who aim to give children the best and most exciting time to inspire them to keep on learning





3 & 4 year olds nursery
We provide free nursery education for children aged 3 and 4 years old.

Children attend either a morning or an
afternoon session 5 days a week or 30 hours per week.
There are 5 keyworkers

We are able to offer the time in a more flexible
way subject to availability.


Our morning session begins at 8:45 and the
afternoon at 12:30.



We recommend that children come to nursery in comfortable clothing and footwear suited for the outdoors or clothes that you do not mind if they get mud, sand,  water or paint on (this does not have to be uniform).  We do sell sweatshirts if you prefer a uniform.


Ms Abi McCarthy – SENDCo and Keyworker

Mrs. Gillian Lowrey – Nursery Lead Practitioner

Mrs. Kate Rodenby – Keyworker

Ms. Marie Gardner – Keyworker

Miss Alyson Harding – Keyworker

Mr Daniel Bishop – Early Years practitioner

We provide all year round childcare for children aged 6 months to 8 years including free funded 2 year old places.





The staff are: Costings

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